It’s Their Time to Pay protests this Saturday in six European Countries

Austria, Luxembourg, Portugal, Greece, Switzerland and Turkey will have protests this Saturday, the 30th of September, against the cost of living crisis and the climate crisis. Organisers expect thousand to march and protest in their own countries under five keys demands: on price controls, end of tax havens, 100% renewable electricity by 2025, free public transport and public housing. It’s Their Time to Pay!

Lisbon, Vienna, Luxembourg City, Thessaloniki, Bern and Istambul will join in protest against the crises imposed by the wealthy on the common population. The prices of energy, food, housing, heating, transport or education are imposed on society by an inflation caused by the spike in fossil fuel prices, that it, their unbelievable historic profits. A fossil gas profit driven inflation became an everything profit inflation. The choice of central banks to reduce inflation via increase in interest rate spread the crisis throughout and impoverished and indebted society. Bankers have decided that it would be the people who would pay for the profits of oil companies through to real estate, supermarkets and other profiteers who jumped on the price spike to cash in more money than ever. They’ve done it again. After a decade ago they made us pay for the banking collapse, now they are making us pay for their massive profits.

This happens in different historical moment, as we are living through the acutest crisis in the history of our species – the climate crisis with unprecedented environmental destruction across species and ecosystems. Even after the hottest summer ever recorded across the Northern Hemisphere, with record temperature being broken on a daily basis, the wealthy are deploying a massive investment in more fossil infrastructure.

To break this unassailable attack we need a popular social movement across Europe and the world, to bring about the change that governments and institutions refuse or are unwilling to assume. This Saturday we will gather in cities, squares and other locations to demand the first batch of measure to halt this madness:

Price controls of essential sectors (Food and water; Electricity and heating; House rents; Healthcare);
End of tax havens / fiscal paradises
Deployment of decentralised, community-based and democratically controlled renewable energy to achieve 100% of renewable electricity by 2025
Free public transport for all
Public housing for everyone

We’ve had enough and we will not take it anymore. Our time has come and, together, we will stop the catastrophic path they are setting us into. It’s Their Time to Pay!